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Gucci Men's Ace GG Supreme Tigers Sneaker 2.54 cm Heel-Grey

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Gucci-W-Ace GG Supreme Tigers SH


  • Leaping tigers are scattered across a GG Supreme base, contrasting against the black and grey combination of the emblematic House pattern. 
  • The distinctive Ace silhouette is completed with the blue and red Web stripe and a different colored metallic leather heel on each shoe.
  • Black/grey GG Supreme canvas with tigers print, a material with low environmental impact
  • Men's
  • Blue and red Web
  • Red metallic leather detail on the back of one shoe and blue metallic leather detail on the back of the other shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • 1", 2.54 cm height
  • Father’s Day Gift Idea
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Price $149.00
All Categories Shoes
Brand Gucci
Gender Gentlemen
Color Grey
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